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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What I know: The picture is never perfect

I think we all have them, the ideas of how things are suppose to turn out, how people are suppose to act, the way you are suppose to look. I've recently come to discover that the harder we hold on to these "suppose to" or "picture perfect" images, the harder it is for us to enjoy life.

Having served as an RA for 2 years on my college's campus I figured I knew all the ways to manage, untangle, and rectify roommate relations. I felt I knew what it takes to set up the "perfect" roommate agreement so 2 or more people could live together cohesively. The truth is, I could do this from an outsiders perspective. Help re-establish roommate relations as a neutral party giving balanced and fair advice after hearing out both sides. When you are within the entanglement however, it is a much different situation.

I went in to my current living situation very excited. I met my roommate online and decided to be one another's roommate after discovering we both shared a love for Christ, and understood one another's room needs (sleep schedule, sound/no sound, privacy, etc.) But time has shown me again and again, if you are excited for something you probably have a picture in your mind to how it will all work out, and more than likely it won't turn out as you hoped.

As I always told my residents, and still uphold today, you can't let issues fester. Once you're awoken to the reality that a situation won't be exactly as you planned you need to move on, handle the situation the best you can, and live in what is. As well, you'll always have issues with people, whether it be roommates, co-workers, or even family, it's going to happen. Why? Because we all have ideas in our mind about what is right and wrong, what fair is, what we believe in, and what's important. This isn't bad, on the contrary it's a very good thing. Once we open our minds to non-perfect picture we can learn from it and in turn expand our minds, learn new things, and grow. It moves the human race forward.

So in conclusion, I've learned that I'll probably always have a "perfect picture" in my mind, but if I can recognize that and let it not define how the situation actually is, then I can enjoy where I am a lot more. I can see all the imperfections as ways of growing, learning, and reaching new places I never would have had the reality been perfect.

What are some of your perfect pictures?
How have you grown from not achieving your perfect picture?