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Friday, September 5, 2014

Post-Graduation Moving and Self-Discoveries!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on in such a long time. Since I last updated you all I have moved to Florida for to work at Disney World with the College Program Internship! This is such a full circle experience for me as before I went college I took a gap year and worked at Disney World. I'm in the same physical location as I was before, but I work in a new area and live with new roommates. A lot has changed around here, but much has stayed the same. This gives me the opportunity to really stand back and look at myself and see all the changes I have gone through in my last four years. Here are a few of the changes I've recognized:

1. I see a lot of things, people, places, ideas, etc, at more than surface level. For example, when I first lived here I saw Disney World as a happy place here to make people happy. Though this is still true, I see it more as a business. It's choices are based on economies of scale, research, and market analysis. My first go about I would have laughed at you if you said any of that to me.

2. There is a much larger world out there than your momentary situation. Just like most high school students, I saw the world as black or white. If I didn't get the date or wasn't liked by the right people then my world would surely end. When I first came to Disney World I saw this place as much the same. Make friends, be happy. Today happy is much more complex and interwoven with the realities far beyond my experiences. Through the blessing of social media, and my education, I see the wars going on in the world on an individual basis, I hurt for these people and want to help. Therefore the guests here at Disney World aren't just other people, they are people with a story and this is the only moment I may have to make their story a happy one.

3. I have dreams beyond this place. During my first Disney World experience I literally didn't have any dreams or aspirations. I was scared of going to college, and felt inadequate in the world. Now I have within me the deepest conviction to change the way women are represented in the media, and help empower women to make this world more equal. This makes being here at Disney just a joyful momentary blip in a hopefully long future of providing happiness, support, and answers to those around the world.

But alas, I'm still a small girl in a big world. Though my current world is owned Uncle Walt, I'm still growing and learning. I'm excited to keep you up to date with what I'm doing and the things I'm learning as a simple post-graduate twenty-something.

See you all real soon!

Have you ever been brought full circle and realized something new about yourself?
What's your biggest post-graduate discoveries?